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Fr. John Blossom was ordained as an Episcopal priest with the special call to serve God's Church while maintaining his regular business-world job. His first church was in the inner city of Peoria where he served a diverse congregation for more than fourteen years.

He and Linda drove back and forth to Quincy, Illinois for nearly five years (traveling the equivelant of 1 1/2 times around the earth) as they served a start-up church for people who wanted a contemporary church experience.

For the past fifteen years Fr. John was Canon for Evangelism at St. Paul's Cathedral. He was active in the "Promise Keepers" movement and lead several group trips, including the "Stand in the Gap" trip to Washington, D.C.

Fr. John has been an active member of the Cursillo community since making Men's Cursillo #19; he is dedicated to the Cursillo weekend expererience and has served on many teams.

""The Lord is calling us to the most exciting ministry opportunity of our lives. Bread of Life will reach many who might not have been interested in a regular church.""
- John Blossom